Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Well, Am I going to blog or not?

Things have been tight in the Jumper household for the last couple of years. Which is one reason my blogging has really slowed down compared to prior to that. And it was 2 years ago when my 5 year old computer went dead as in motherboard, not a hard drive or something like that. Well finally I have 27 inches of iMac goodness to use again and so I expect that gradually you will see an increase in blog activity. I still read a lot of blogs but often don't comment since I was reading it on my iPhone.

So, I have been really sick. It has to be just a cold since I had no fever. Regardless, coughing fit, the congestion won't stop no matter what I take nastiness. I couldn't sleep because of the coughing. Finally I figured out the right combination of cold medicines like mucinex dm and benadryl at night to sleep a good 6 hours. Never mind the fact that I'm somebody that needs at least 7. Oh, and I am going to be a loyal neti pot user for now on. Call me weird if you like but it's proven to be effective.

It's slowly getting better. So yesterday I ran. If you know me on facebook you may have read that I'm a loyal celebrant of Pi day so I ran 3.14 easy miles. Perfect for my first run in 2 weeks. Ran it with my son and he was nice enough not to comment about my breathing. My heart rate was 159 for an average, which would be 7-10 beats faster than normal.

Today, the run went better except that it was on the treadmill. It's beautiful and sunny now, but 2 hours ago it was pouring rain. And although rain is rarely a deterrent for me I thought better of it because of still getting over the plague.

I did 30/30's. 30 seconds at 6:48 pace with 30 seconds cool down. After completing 10 of them I was thinking of how I should be doing 60/60's now but, well, do I need to repeat that I've been sick? I thought, what the hell, lets run a 60 to just get mentally prepared for next week.  Ended up doing 2 of them at a 6:53 pace. Saweet!

The next two days will be recovery runs then I have the Team Ortho Get Lucky 7k on Saturday morning. Last year I ran it at a 7:34 pace. I think I can still match or beat that despite, well, never mind. I am a little concerned that I'll tire out after a few miles though? We'll see I guess.

At the latest I'll post about the results on Saturday.

Good Running everybody!

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