Sunday, February 6, 2011

Race Schedule for 2011

Here is my current race schedule for 2011. You may notice a focus on running and less on triathlon. There is a reason for this; triathlon takes more time, more money and more energy. I don't mind spending the money on triathlon, but I have other financial goals and obligations right now. I have a 15,  a 13 and an 8 year old that is a higher priority. That combined with a finite budget (what's with that?) and finite time (again) leads me to take it a bit easy for a couple of years.
 Notice, this doesn't mean I won't be busy! And my health and well being is still a high priority (as well as good for them to see). It's just that this is how I can balance those sometimes competing goals or agendas. It won't be long and they'll be busy with their own things, off to college, etc., and then I will possibly be thinking of completing my first Ironman. I'm 44 this year, maybe it will be a 46th, 48th or even 50th birthday present to myself?
  Or maybe I'll have no interest in Ironman at that time? Who knows?
 This also gives me time to add strength and speed to my run and eventually Boston Qualify. It's going to happen.

January 16th - Completed - RnR Az Marathon
March 19th - Registered Get Lucky 7k
March 26th - Free for MDRA members - MDRA 7 mile
April 16th - Cemstone Run for Others 10k
May 1 - Registered Minnetonka Half Marathon
May 12th - TC 1 Mile
May 22nd - Gear West Duathlon 
June 4th - NewBri Tri
June 5th - Registered Minneapolis Marathon relay (3 or 4 person)
July 24 - Twin Cities Triathlon
August 19th, 20th - Registered - Ragnar Relay
October 2nd - Registered - Twin Cities Marathon

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