Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lucky 7k

The Lucky 7k was not so lucky for me.

Or maybe it depends on how you look at it?

I ran it @ 90 seconds slower than last year. In of itself, that sucks... but it didn't bother me anyway. I ran hard, it felt good to run hard and I knew that my lungs were restricting me from my potential. My legs wanted to go faster.

I can't believe how many times that I just wanted to stop. Anytime I had that thought my legs would seem to carry me a little faster. Well, for a minute or so. But no matter how much I wanted to stop, I didn't seem to get worse as the run continued. My heart rate would seem to confirm this as it was 175, 175, 179 and 177 for the last 3+ miles.

At around the 6k mark, I heard as I was passing between 2 guys, "he needs an inhaler!" or something like that. Hilarious!!!! I did sound asthmatic.

The lucky part was that I finally got in a hard tempo run. My first in over 2 weeks because of this sinus infection from hell. I'll take it. My only "complaint" is that I don't have a very good measure of my fitness for the Cemstone Run for Others 10k in about a month. Would I have been able to do this a minute per mile faster if I hadn't just had my first night of no drugs in 2 weeks? Not a clue!

As you can see there are many "new" runners because with a slightly better than 8 minute pace, I still placed in the top 7% overall


  1. Great job! Top 7% is impressive! Glad you felt like you could really push it a bit more today!

  2. I would look on the positives: You did it on low, low mileage. You finished high in your AG. You did not come away injured. You have the whole season in front of you to improve and obtain your goals. And, there were no mosquitos. Rock on!