Sunday, January 30, 2011

What I need to do different!

Here is a list of what I need to different for my next marathon training.

1) Run more!
     There is lots of debate about quantity of running versus quality of running. This is not that debate. I need to run more no matter what philosophy you subscribe too. In 2010, I ran 751 miles. I am proud of those miles, I am faster now and will continue to get faster. However, when you look at the fact that 412 miles was a part of my marathon training, you can see that it was too abrupt of a shift up in miles. Yes, I had a base in my training plan, but I should have had more of a base when attempting a significantly faster marathon.

2) When the miles add up, don't drop the core!
     I, of course, never plan too! But it happened again anyway, and I paid for it.

3) Avoid winter marathons!
     I did a lot of treadmill training this year. We had record amounts of snow, we had rain that froze, we had everything that made it difficult to run outside this past December. Cold weather is not a factor with my running, no paths or room on the roads do. Therefore, I did a lot of treadmill training. I do not mind treadmill training except for the long runs. This year I did a 20 mile run on the treadmill. Harsh!

     My conclusion regarding treadmill training is that it is just as good as outdoor training up to the half marathon distance. Granted I don't know for sure, but I attribute my severe left hip and buttock pain at the marathon as a result of not running outside for a good 6 weeks prior to the marathon.

4) Strength and Core!
     I know, I already mentioned core, but if there is a bigger factor in my lack in success at the marathon, I'd be surprised. You should see me trying to jump on one leg, Leg leg no problem, but with the right leg, I can barely get off the ground. This is an imbalance that I have to remedy and my involve help from a PT.

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  1. I will never do an early spring marathon again. The training over the winter is miserable... I can't imagine actually racing in the winter too.

    The verdict is still out with upping your miles. Do you do a lot of cross training?