Monday, June 7, 2010

It's time to compete!?!

I came to a new realization this past weekend!

I am no longer slow!

I realize this is all relative. I was talking about my time to another participant after the race and she seemed taken back by my time. And I don't mean that she was impressed. She looked surprised that I didn't state a faster time. She expected me to be faster. I guess I look reasonably fit and I look like I should be faster.

I should be faster!

And really, I should take it as a complement shouldn't I? (I have considered that I read her facial expression wrong, but my zipper was up and I hadn't farted so I don't know what else to think).

And I don't say this in any sense of criticizing myself or disappointment. It's more of a realization. You see, until now, triathlons have been about survival! Surviving through the swim, working hard on the bike, but leaving enough for the run! Without stopping! With some sense of strength. And yet, enjoying the experience. (I realize enjoyment may sound contradictory for any non-racers reading this)

I still want to enjoy the experience! But, I think it's time to turn it up a notch. It's time to put it all out and see what I can do. No, I am not talking about podium finish. Not even close (talk to me in a couple of years about that).

I finished 19/30 in my age group. When I look at who finished 10/30, I see that I can compete with that on the bike and the run. The swim is still a problem, but I'll talk about that later! Probably in my next post.

In addition, I finished in place 100/204 males. Take a minute off my time and I'm around 89th, another minute 75th! Overall, I finished 127th out of 347! Just 2 minutes faster and I could have been the 100th!

What I'm getting at is that I'm in the middle of things. I could have finished this race 2 minutes faster. It used to be if I finished a minute or two faster, it wouldn't of meant any difference in where I placed.

Now it does. And I finished this race knowing I could have worked a little harder. I left some effort out on the course as they say!

I can only conclude that it's time to really think about racing, not just completing a triathlon! It's time to take that risk that I'll have to slow down because I went too hard. Or at least be better at finding where that limit is.

But it's also true that this wasn't an "A" race. I do have to give myself a break in that way. Just two days prior I had done 7 minute paced 2k intervals and then mashed it out for 45 minutes with bike intervals as well. That's not a taper for me! And did I ever feel it when I was on the bike leg of the triathlon. My legs were sore.

So here are my results:

Swim 16:17     1:51/100 yards
T1 1:40
Bike 40:24       20.8 mph
T2 1:09
Run 24:06        8:02 pace

Total 1:23:34 (Last year was 1:28:18)

127th overall out of 342
100th male out of 204
19/30 in age group 40-45

I'm not fast yet, but I have to start racing like I am!

More specifics about the New Bri Tri to come!


  1. Wow! It's amazing what a minute or two can do! I know what you mean, "racing" is a whole new mindset. It sounds like you are ready for it, awesome!

  2. Hi Tim,
    Wow, you are the man!! Nice job Mr. Speedy:) I know that you are only going to get faster! Stay positive! Congrats on an impressive finish!

  3. Wow! Great job dropping some time off of your previous course time. You're right about those times and how they relate to your place. I'm realizing more and more that even a few extra seconds in transition can add up to places gained or lost.

  4. So true. If a person sticks with this craziness long enough, it naturally morphs into 'racing' vs 'getting through kinda' unscathed'. You bet. Time to restructure the head!