Thursday, July 8, 2010


I've been exhausted the past few weeks.

There is a condition called Overtraining Syndrome.

Hopefully these two aren't related!

Symptoms for Overtraining Syndrome can vary but they generally include; fatigue, a higher than usual resting heart rate, mood changes, persisting muscle soreness after training, poor race performance, poor workout quality, and others.

I've had fatigue, haven't paid attention to my resting heart rate, have been a little on the depressed side and my legs seem to be more sore than they should be. When I hopped on the bike at the Minneman tri my legs felt tired and sore, feelings that I was not expecting. (BTW, Minneman race report soon)

There is also a term called over-reaching. It's less than overtraining as overtraining can take months to recover. I think this term makes more sense for my condition because I am starting to recover with one week taking it easy and then one week completely off!

The awful thing is that it's not over-reaching from training alone, it's trying to keep the training up despite my insane life. I have simply been working too much and then acting like I'm working normally. One has to give. And fortunately right now, it's the work. We have a nurse back now that has been off a few months for her new baby and I have the month of July off for weekends. That's right, the whole month of weekends off!!! But it would be wrong to just blame it on that. I have to be wise about how to have enough rest even when work is nasty busy like it has been.

Unfortunately there is one loss to all this! WIBA. I won't be going. I'll start training again Saturday morning but WIBA will be too much right now.

I need to rest!

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  1. Hi Tim,
    I have been as guilty as you with the over training and over racing! Sometimes our body and brain just need a break! I hope that you are getting the rest and relaxation that you need. It is so hard to balance our real life with our workout life:) Take care of yourself...please:)