Saturday, June 5, 2010

Waiting for Results!

I know I raced the New Bri Tri @ 1:23:30 which is just shy of 5 minutes faster than last year. I also know that I have another "easy" 5 minutes to take off this race as I get to be in better shape.

But I also want my individual swim, bike, run results before I talk about this race.


we wait.

Tomorrow morning, I hop on down to 46th and Godfrey to volunteer as a Run Course Marshall for the Minneapolis Marathon.

I am going to love this. I love watching people, especially new runners (or triathletes) on the course. They remind you of where your enthusiasm should be. Which, of course, is the accomplishment, the fun, the comradery. There is nothing wrong with being concerned with your time but it is wrong if it becomes your sole focus, your only measurement of success. Am I right???? Granted, that's easy for me to say since I'm not fast. ;-p

I should have a race report tomorrow. Good luck Kari, Julie, Kristine, Jill, Beth and anybody else I know (and don't know) with the Minneapolis Marathon. And good luck with Amy, Nat and anybody else out in Buffalo for that triathlon as well.


  1. Nice work again Tim! You are right, that is my favorite part too is seeing all the new people and watching them work so hard. It is so wonderful!

  2. personally, I think you are awesomely fast.