Monday, January 14, 2008

13.1 and counting

Just a quick blog on the facts!

First and foremost, I had a great time! I am really sore now but I just simply love this! I love pushing myself and I continue to be confident that I can even do better!

Probably the best part of the marathon was meeting SO MANY bloggers. I am not going to even start naming them all!

Time - 2:08:51
Overall 6299 out of 20276
Gender 3542 out of 7393
Division 532 out of 1009
Pace 9:50
5K 28:29
10K 57:20
10.2mile? 1:42:14


This was my first half-mary but compared to my only other race close to this distance, I have improved greatly!

October 7 -
10 mile race - pace = 11:19
chip time 1:53:07
division 246 out of 268
gender 1780 / 2015
overall 4116/5083

So I had a pace improvement of 1:29 miles/minute with an additonial 3.1 miles to run.
This was not my 2 hour goal, but I am happy with the results (for now) and the improvement.

If there was one regret/ disappointing part of the race, it was that I wasn't able to stick around after to see my fellow blogger and non blogger friends finish (well, the one's that weren't already finished). I went into this coughing fit that has been off and on again all week including keeping me up 2 of the 3 nights prior to the race. Sinus infection. In fact, I am sure this somewhat affected my performance. My heart rate prior to starting was 92 and I swear that I didn't feel one bit nervous! No excuses though, it is what it is!

Also, the crowd was just too much for my 4 year old girl.

More thoughts later!
Thank you everybody!


  1. We are sooo proud of how well you did, Tim. Maybe it wasn't the 2 hours that you wanted, but with your coughing the prior week, you did great. And, wow, that is great improvement as well!

    Hope, H is better after the large crowds. Give everyone my greetings and hugs.


  2. great race. I wished we could have gotten a chance to talk. I plan on doing twin cities in 09, so maybe then. thanks for being a part of the RnR blog.

  3. Sounds like a great race - congrats!!

  4. Glad to have met you, even how quick it might have been. You had a great race, hope to see you again someday.

  5. Congratulations, don't you dare be disapointed. I cannot for some reason break 2 hours in the 1/2 Mary. I know I should be able too. 2hrs 8 is a good time.