Saturday, November 6, 2010

A bit sore! But, happy

I think I'm happier when I'm in marathon training.

I understand it better than triathlon training and I have a plan that I like better than triathlon plans. It's also easier. Run! No bike, no swim, just run. Not that I don't still do some biking and swimming, I do. It's just that it's not required. I don't have to, if I don't want to. I like that! ;-)

Swimming and biking have fallen off the radar this past few weeks though. I am in build 2 of the marathon training and it is by far the hardest training period for me. It's when I have reasonable speed work and longer duration runs at the same time. At least in the peak phases coming up, the speed work is slower (half mary and mary paces) and only the distances increase.

So, here is what I have been doing. These are the key work outs only. I do have Mondays off, a base run every Tuesday, and recovery runs with core, etc on Thursday and Saturday. Due to work, I sometimes have additional days off, except for key workouts. They can be a different day but are not to be missed.

Build 1:

Wednesday was 1/4 mile intervals on the track or the treadmill. At 3k pace which was somewhere @6:55 for me. Week 1; 8 intervals, Week 2; 10 intervals, Week 3; 12 intervals then a recovery week of 8 intervals again. 2 minutes at a recovery 10 minute pace between intervals.

Friday was 1 mile intervals. This would be at a 10k pace of @ 7:25. The weekly intervals were 2, 3 and 4 each successive week, with recovery week of 3 intervals again.

Then Sunday would be the long run (Monday if I was on call at work). These progressed from 11 to 12 to 13 with a recovery week of a 5k time trial (the only key workout I have missed)

Build 2:

Wednesday: It's amazing how much more difficult 1k intervals are than 1/4 mile intervals. I slowed down to a 7:03 pace (5k pace) but the longer time is definitely a stress. Especially the first week. 3 intervals the first week, 4 this past week and 5 next week.

Friday is now tempo runs at 10k pace! Goal is 7:25. The first week, 4 miles I missed the goal at a 7:28. I think we can overlook that small increment. This week is a little harder to accept with 4.5 miles at 7:40 pace. Again my goal is 7:25!!!! There are two things terribly different about this weeks slower run. The first is that I had to run around the lake due to being on call. It's 1.25 miles and hilly for such a short course. In fact I had twice as much elevation as the previous week. Secondly, I ran it in the morning. My speed workouts are ALWAYS in the afternoon or evening!!! We will see what next weeks 5 mile tempo run will bring.

The Sunday long run is a little different at this point. Progression runs! Last Sunday I started with the first 7 miles at base pace. Base pace is a decent range for me. 8:41-9:31. Anyway I generally run @ a 9 minute pace on the long runs right now. Except on progression runs I have to increase each mile by 10 seconds a mile for the last 7 miles.

The problem is that I just barely feel like I'm keeping my body together. I just have 9 days left of this build before a recovery week and hopefully the soreness, sometimes limping goes away.

I'll soon post what I am doing about the minor injuries and what I'm doing to make sure they don't become major.


  1. Hi Tim,
    What race are you training for? Nice job on the workouts this week. I need to start putting speed into my workouts too. Good luck with the training:)

  2. Rock n' Roll Arizona on January 16!

  3. Nice...that is a good one. My hubby is going to Arizona on Thursday for golfing. If he wouldn't have made plans for this Arizona trip in Novemember I would be running with you:) Happy training!

  4. Good luck with the injuries! I am keen to hear any tips....