Saturday, October 9, 2010

Marathon Training!

I am full into marathon training and I'm happy!

I am happy because I find marathon training so easy compared to triathlon training. It's just so "easy" to get the important runs in then having to worry about swimming and biking too. I AM doing swimming, not so much on the biking. I will be biking for a recovery day once a week soon but not until my 2 build phases are done. Swimming is about twice a week if I'm good. Don't get me wrong, I love triathlon, it's just I haven't been able to match a plan that I can follow like with my marathon training. If things keep going the way they are, I am so going to PR in January. Possibly by a margin of 20 + minutes. (My pr is Columbus 09 of 4:08:41)

I also love marathon training because of Matt Fitzgerald's training plans in his book, Brain Training for Runners!

Tomorrow is the long run and the completion of week 10 (of 24). It is also the 2nd week of "Build 1".

So this is how my week went:
Monday: Day off
Tuesday: Base Run with Drills (Stiff legged and Running no arms) 2 sets of 20 seconds is all. I ran 6.65 miles (1 hour) at what is called Base Pace which is even slower than marathon pace.
Wednesday: 400m intervals, 10 of them this week (8 last week, 12 next week). Total 7 miles
Thursday: Recovery run at really slow pace, 3.17 miles, and Core Exercises.
Friday: 1 mile intervals, 3 of them this week (2 last week, 4 next week). Total of 5.1 miles
Saturday: Recovery Run, 4.1 miles.

Planned Sunday is for a 13 mile run at "base pace"

I say planned because I am on call at work and I can never know if I will be called in for 12 hours or not be called in at all. Since I have to be available to call, I will be planning a long treadmill run. I don't mind so much, it's gotta be done. If I am at work, then Monday after work, outside, long run and a smile.

The next 2 weeks will be kind of a recovery. I will miss a run or two because I will be travelling to my Dad's in Southern Ohio. I will not miss key runs but I may miss the recovery runs. So it is the less miles that make it possibly a recovery week next week and then the week after is a planned recovery week.

On other notes, my son, Zach is running CC this year for the first year (he's in 9th grade) and it's not going so well for him. His right knee is hurting. I know why, but unfortunately he's just going to have to deal with it somewhat. On most days it's feeling better but he's had trouble at many of his races. I have him doing foam rolling and trigger point massage with a tennis ball. He isn't doing too many exercises yet but I have had him do some stretches which in improving his incredibly poor range of motion. His hamstring stretches are horrible. Some of this will help!
The other issue is that he went from virtually no running to running 5 days a week. He needs the off season to recover, time to strengthen his core and other muscle imbalances and he will have a good high school "career".

I have to get serious about cutting down on my sweets. I eat very good food, but I eat bad food too. Anybody out there with suggestions?

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