Saturday, March 27, 2010

Racing - It does a body good!

Hi Everybody!

First, I am not going to comment on how I am going to post more often. I say this, then I don't post for 2 months again. We will just have to see what happens.

I am actually going to only run 1 marathon this year and that will be in the fall. I'm pretty sure that it will be the Whistlestop Marathon. I may then do another marathon in January again. Rock n Roll Arizona.

For now, it's all about speed. Or at least my version of it. I started running/triathlon in 2007! In late 2007, I knew I wanted to race an Ironman distance race. I even signed up once! Nothing has really changed except that I am finding myself surprisingly patient. Ironman distance race in 2010? Nope! 2011? Pretty doubtful! 2012? Well, I'd say a greater than 50% chance. I'm looking at a possible Rev3 race though I should do an "official" Ironman once. Or maybe it's not that important. The distance is the distance, why should I care about a trademark?

Anyway, back to speed. I want the speed to make it easier to increase my distance to an Ironman distance. If I go into Ironman training with a 1/2 Ironman time close to 5 hours than to 6 hours, then all the more easier it will be to finish the full distance. Right? Plus the most competitive and successful long distance races came from a background of shorter distance training! I think I should copy their approach.

It's working. I am only in the beginning of my training and have run a 7:34 paced hilly 5k and a 7:34 paced 7k. I plan on racing a 7:30 pace 10k next month. There are 3 really cool things about this!

  1. Being in the front of the pack is fun. Oh, I'm not in the very front but to be on the 1st page of the posted 5k results and to be the 208th person out of > 2500 to finish the 7k is just a lot different than being the 2000th person to finish. Nothing wrong with being # 2000, or the last for that matter, but their is nothing wrong with being the 208th too!
  2. I have not been training at a steady pace yet, so I think 7:34 is a little slow compared to what I'll be running by summer.
  3. Since running these two races, my interval training has been easier. I've been good at my 1/4 (6:30pace) mile intervals but the 1km (7 pace) intervals always kill me. These two races seemed to have kicked my 1km intervals back into gear. When I finished my five 1k intervals on Friday, I wanted to be finished, but I was able to finish and with a little energy to spare for a change.
I really do have a lot to talk about so I'm pretty sure I'll be posting again soon!!!!!????? ;-)

I want to talk about diet. As in what we eat, not dieting! Some of this is triggered by this article.
I commented on it, but as usual, when sleepy, my grammar is awful. Regardless I have more to say about it.

Have a great weekend!

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