Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I am a little over 2.5 years into the first time that I decided it is time to get out the door and run!

That first year was hard! ITB, back pain, shin splints and worst of all, lacking the knowledge to use bodyglide!

The second year I had a bike accident causing a break in my scapula and collarbone. I hate mentioning that because I'm tired of it, but it's significant. I lost most of a summer of training.

This past year, I had a full year of training! And the difference is amazing. A breakthrough is coming.

I can feel it.

I have read, and attended classes, and watched training videos and I think I even have dreamt??? about having a stride count (cadence) of 90 per minute while running.

So I made it a goal! And I bought this!

Apparantly it was a goal that I couldn't reach. Day after day, month after month, no 90. I would have an average of @ 84-85 and maybe a high of 87-90 during short intervals. Sure, there were a couple of times that I would purposely have a really short fast stride but it was a ridiculous stride and one that I couldn't maintain anyway.

There have been some coaches that have suggested that tall runners may have a slightly smaller cadence!? Honestly, I forgot all the explanations that I had for not reaching 90. Too slow? My height as was just mentioned? I'm too sexy for 90? I don't know.

But it doesn't matter!

I am running a cadence of 90 now!

Even more during my 1/4 mile intervals at the metrodome last week I had a cadence of 96 or 97!!!!!

My easy (recovery) runs @ 9:15 pace, a cadence of 89!!!!!

I don't specifically know what it's going to mean for me when it comes to my races this year.

But I have a pretty good idea (massive pr's) and I'm incredibly excited to find out!


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  2. Hi Tim,
    Yes, there is a Rice Lake in Maple Grove. You take 694 to 94 and then take a right off of the Weaver Lake Road exit. You know, I am really sorry but I do not know the names of all the streets to get to where I start my run. Let me make note tomorrow when I go on another run and then I will get back to you! Have a good one!

    Hey, I noticed that you work in the medical field too. What hopital do you work at?

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  4. Hi Tim,
    Do you think that the map that you got online is pretty specific? The trails are a little confusing...there is one part of the lake loop that leaves the lake and merges onto residential road. The first time I ran the Rice Lake 3.7 mile race it was not marked and I had to wait for the racers behind me to show me the correct trail to take. We have an awesome trail system in Maple Grove! You should for sure try them out! If you want a pretty challenging run, you should try running at the Elm Creek Preserve Park.

    Glad you left your comment...I will continue to read your future posts:)

  5. congrats on getting that cadence to 90. I hover in the high 80s all the time. I try and try and try to get the turnover, buthave not been able to get there yet.

    But the year is still young!

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