Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Must... Peel... away.... from Facebook!

Tim Litzinger has been amused by other's comments about being a bad blogger! Compared to me, these people are angels!

But enough to the facebook talk!

I am once again in marathon training! But can I just train for a marathon? No! I throw in a little 1/2 mary here, a sub-olympic tri there and a dash of a long course tri for a little more spice.

The half marathon is done. Last Saturday, I ran the Urban Wildland in Richfield, Minnesota! I pr'd with a 1:54:48, which is cool. I was really strong up until mile 9 when I just withered in strength. This makes sense as my training has mostly been shorter intervals. The prior week I had run 8 - 400 meter intervals at 3k pace on Tuesday and then Thursday ran 4 - 1 mile intervals at 10K pace. My longest run was 12 miles but this was just at a base pace. As you can see, running 8 to 9 miles of a half mary pace would be hitting a limit on preparedness for Urban.
In fact, my training plan called for running a 5K this weekend (I laugh in the face of training plans apparently, hahahaha). The funny thing is, I love this race still but not as much as I thought I did! Last year, I loved it because of all the turns and distractions, etc. This year, those turns and distractions were, well, distracting. They slowed me down damn it! It takes effort to speed back up!
Regardless, have to be happy with the result! A 6+ minute PR from the same course as last year. There were times that I wanted to stop, but I just kept going! Hopefully this all bodes well for the Columbus Marathon in mid October.

This Saturday, I have the Turtleman Triathlon! It is suppose to be very close to an Olympic distance with a 1.5k swim, a 38k bike and an 8K run. However the swim has been shortened due to our very low lake levels, so I have know idea what to call the distance. I have only competed in 3 sprints up to this point and 1 indoor of 30 minutes each discipline. Turtle Lake is normally a bit on the disgusting side and I expect it to be so much worse this year. Fortunately it has been sprayed and apparently we do not have to worry about "swimmers itch". We'll see.

Angela is close to her 3-day Breast Cancer Walk goal. Yea!

So, I'll plan on updating this blog on my Turtleman results right away this weekend and will try to be a more regular contributer to the blog world. I know all 3 of you miss me ;-)

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