Saturday, June 6, 2009

New Bri Tri!

This was a fun race for several reasons! One definite reason is that it is only 5 miles from my house. In fact, the bike course has a turn around point that is less that half a mile from my house! Secondly, I forgot how fun triathlons are. I have only done 2 of them, both sprints in 2007. I was registered for 4 races last year but was unable to race them due to that silly little bicycling accident.

Anyhow, this was a solid performance by me. This is the first (outdoor) triathlon that really shows that I have some promise in competing. I don't mean for any age group awards, I just mean really good performances that's not too far from the top age groupers!

So here are the results:

New Bri Tri

Number of Finishers:    359
Number of Females:    116
Number of Males:    243
Average Time:    1:33:48
bib number:    227
age:    41
gender:    M
location:    Roseville, MN
overall place:    141 out of 359
division place:    14 out of 32
gender place:    117 out of 246
time:    1:28:18
swim:    17:01
trn1:    2:33
bike:    42:58
trn2:    1:17
run:    0:24

And here are some comparisons to 2007!
Average time in 2007 race = 1:47:47, my time = 2:04:39. This is just less than 17 minutes slower than the average participant

Averate time today at the NBT race = 1:33:48, my time = 1:28:18. Which is 5-1/2 minutes faster than the average participant.

Swim pace in 2007 = 2:13 pace, Swim pace today at NBT race = 1:56 (2:55 earlier that summer at lifetime)

Bike average in 2007 = 17, bike average today at NBT race = just missed 20. I think only biking 60 miles this past 2 months kind hurt my potential here ;-)

Run average in 2007 race = 10:19 pace per mile. Run average today at NBT race = 8 minute pace.

I loved this race today. A solid performance with the excitement of seeing an easy 5 minutes taken off the clock and even more if I work hard at it.

More details to come!

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