Wednesday, January 14, 2009

You're gonna hate me...

...or at the least question my sanity!

(note: base training is over)

But, I love treadmill running.

Not any unconditional love mind you, there are limits! Long runs? no way! In fact anything over an hour, well honestly, I haven't even attempted that! So maybe I just haven't developed this hatred for the treadmill as it seems everybody in bloggerville has!

What I do love about the treadmill is some of the workouts that I am otherwise unable to do during the winter. It can even be argued that they are easier to do on the treadmill anytime of the year.

1) Speed Intervals! (for me anyway :-)
         Warm up for five minutes, usually I walk the first 2 minutes then a 10 minute pace for 2 then a 9 minute for 1.
         Then I run 2 minutes at a 6:58 pace, 2 minutes active recovery at 10 (which I may have to change to 9:40), then a 2nd 2 minutes at a 6:58 pace with another 2 minute active recovery, the third interval of this set is 1 minute @ a 6:00 pace with 2 minute active recovery before repeating all of the above.
         Right now I am at 2 sets of these intervals but plan to increase to 3 over the next month (by adding an interval each week). After that I will bring it back to 2 sets and increase the pace!

2) Hill intervals: I believe that I attained this routine from Runners World. It's called 6-7's and is a very important workout for us flat earther's! (I am referring to people that live in flat area's like Minnesota as opposed to the mountaineers)
            Warm up for five minutes!
            Run at a 6% grade at my current marathon pace of @8:41 for 90 seconds, active recovery for 60 seconds then a 7% grade for 60 seconds, again at 8:41, with a 2 minute active recovery. Repeat for the amount of intervals you planned. Again I am at 6 intervals with a soon to be increasing to 9 over the next month.

Another reason that I enjoy the treadmill is that the pace is set by the treadmill. Some view the treadmill as easier running but I think it's harder because you have to maintain the pace that you have set for your planned duration.
With the pace being set by the treadmill I am more easily able to focus on my stride or breathing or any other part of my form that I notice.

And then of course there is no stopping at stop lights or car worries!


  1. Funny, I was just thinking to myself, "I haven't seen Jumper lately. Wonder what he's up to" and then you post this.

    So I think it's safe to say that you have gone CRAZY.


  2. You know, the treadmill totally has it's perks! Those were some great workouts that you posted, I'm in love with that hill one. Treadmills also help you with your mental outlook, they test that, and make you stronger mentally.

    crazy, no. Focused on doing the work where it needs to be done...yes!

  3. I'm with you for the intervals...but for everything else no tredmill for me. Except as of late, -40 windchills keeps me inside.

  4. Good points... I like the hill repeat one. I don't mind the treadmill but I do find myself STARING at the numbers!

  5. I don't hate you, but I can't say I quite understand it :) At least you've picked a good witer to fall in love.

  6. I don't hate you but I am jealous. I wish I loved it. I get so bored?! Kind of like I only had ADD during one event in my life and that seems to be on the treadmill.

  7. Good Ness. We must have had a bad winter because you and Julie Mac posted that you are starting to like the dreadmill! Hopefully that will happen to me soon!