Sunday, June 22, 2008

Watching Ironman

It was only a few minutes ago that I saw (very clearly) momo cross the finish line.

I'm confused about TacMan though. His time is only 10 minutes ahead of momo but I swear I heard him cross at @ 1255. Hmmm, I must have been hearing things.

This is very cool watching from home. Not as cool as watching in person of course.

You all look Hawt crossing that finish line. Good Job

Addendum: Damn it, I missed Bolder. Great Job Bolder. Subfun, I hope?!

Addendum 2: Way to go Greyhound! Woohoo!

Addendum 3: superlinds, you rock! Did you finish first among the bloggers? And Blink and TriDogMom, holy cow! (I can't keep up with everybody)

Addendum 4: Woohoo, Spokane Al just crossed.

Man this is fun!

Addendum 5: Bigun, if you cross while I go void, I'm going to be pissed (no pun intended). Where's my urinal?

Addendum 6: What my computer desktop looks like (click to large)

Addendum 6: Late Congrats to Sweet Baboo, Scottie, Iron Shane, and Iron Eric. And a sorry to Tea, not sure what happened but next time (which I realize doesn't help now!)

Addendum 7: Woohoo Bigun. Look at all those 5's your given.

Addendum 8: Wedgie did it. Congratulations Ironman!

Final: Ok, I'm back to work tomorrow, so time for me to wimp out!
Good night!

Congratulations to all the Ironmans!


  1. What is the pic on your desktop???

  2. Great night. Didn't get to see everyone finish myself. Babies were asleep which means I am asleep :-)

  3. Sorry to hear about your injury. I pray you're feeling better soon!

  4. I saw Momo cross too! I somehow missed, Tac, though...that was strange wasn't it?

  5. Hope you are feeling better. How are things?

  6. was it the pink skirt that gave me away?? :-)

    thanks for being such a support! it makes all the difference in the world to know that people are home are hoping and wishing with us. truly. thank you!