Monday, April 7, 2008


In many ways training has been going great. Except biking, which is sad because I have had a new bike since Christmas and nothing to show for it. (except a new bike of course)

That will change!

Although that change didn't start out as planned. I went out on the bike Friday and at 9.8 miles had a flat. Not a big deal right? Well, except I wasn't prepared for it. No spares, no repair kit, no pump. I should have been prepared. But I thought maybe, just maybe I could get away with a few local rides. Not!

Swimming is getting better all the time! (Singing), "I believe I can breathe, I believe I can touch...". Never mind, I am a horrible singer.

It's kinda strange but running is what I have enjoyed the most lately. I never would have thought that a year ago. Yesterday was a true LSD day. For the benefit of my body and my mind, I purposely kept my heart rate down for the whole 10.7 miles. Some of you could have crawled just as fast. Regardless, I truly enjoyed it! I had worked 12 hour nights on Friday and Saturday so after sleeping from only 8:30 to 1pm (and 6 hours the day before), so I was tired. But I knew I needed to put my run in and I also knew that I have been poor at keeping my base lately. The weather sucked. But I was not running inside for 10 miles, I've had enough of that. So I step outside from the club and its pouring. I had a jacket on so it was only my shorts that became wet rather quickly. It was 48 degrees, so not too bad and due to the fact that I was running, I never really felt cold. It is a little weird, running in the rain, in shorts, next to snow.

So this is what I did.

Mile 1 - 11:39 Avg Hr 141
Mile 2 - 11:17 Ahr 145
Mile 3 - 10:51 Ahr 148
Mile 4 - 10:44 Ahr 152
Mile 5 - 10:38 Ahr 151
Mile 6 - 10:15 Ahr 156
Mile 7 - 10:30 Ahr 156
Mile 8 - 11:14 Ahr 157 (started some hilly area)
Mile 9 - 10:57 Ahr 153
Mile 10 - 10:21 Ahr 161
+ .7 mile - 10:43 Ahr 161

Now, I don't want you thinking that I am always taking it easy.

On Thursday, I ran 5- 800m repeats with the running club.
I ran them pretty well, timing them at 3:40 - 3:55, which is an average pace of 8:17 minute miles.

I also ran just about 9 miles the week before with an average pace of 9:34. To be fair there was an hour break after 4.81 miles as I ran that with the club, stretched and talked for a while, then went home and finished the rest of the run. Still, I am running faster for a longer amount of time. I have also been doing 5 minute intervals with @ 8 - 8:15 pace.

Did I tell you that I ran my first sub 8 mile? Yep, on mile 3 of an 8 mile run (though I did have to walk for a few minutes after that mile) I ran a 7:54 mile. I know that technically I could have attained this a while ago but it was never in my plan, so it hasn't happened. I expect that I will see a sub 8 mile in my next 5K!?

So that was cool! But this post has got to be boring for you (if your still here)!

I've recognized that I am being a little negative lately. Part of that you can read in my last post but there is more. Generally, I think I accept change pretty well, but all the podcasts and some blogs have really slowed down lately. These are something that I have looked very forward to and had a lot to do with the excitement of starting this new thing to me called Triathlon. I remember listening to GYGO and SimplyStu podcasts hour after hour when I first discovered them.

Take this past week. I was a little disappointed about not having planned for the SimplyStu world triathlon with my kids. Last year, I listened about it, was frequently updated about it visiting his website, etc. This year, it was just here all the sudden, with what seemed like little warning. Also GYGO, podcasts have been seemingly few and far between with their episodes. Then add all the EvoTri voting (and voting and voting), there just seemed to be a whole different vibe to our little blogosphere. And I didn't like it.

But you know what. I am the one that didn't calendar the SimplyStu triathlon. It's hardly his fault. And why should I expect GYGO to broadcast any more than they do? If we're going to be friends in our little part of the world, the friendship can't be based on filling some quantitative expectations of each other. Friendship is just being there for each other, period. And I, for one, plan on being a friend. I hope I am forgiven for straying from that a little bit.


  1. I remember pining for years for a 5K run in sub-8 miles... You've taken that first step - congrats!

    I share your thoughts with your current vibe of the tri blog-o-sphere. Somewhere along the line I fell out of the loop. But that's OK, I still enjoy writing and reading and participating on a less connected level :)