Friday, December 14, 2007

Random Post

I just want to catch people up on a few things if your interested!

1) Sorry, if I have been short on the reply's. Busy, Busy, Busy! Between an incredibly stressful workplace (stressful as part of the job, not with the people I work with), preparing for my first 1/2 mary and the Holiday's, I just haven't had time to post!

2) Speaking of 1/2 mary training, If I haven't mentioned it before, my final choice is the 1/2 mary for Phoenic RnR (I was considering the whole marathon). There are several reasons but, first and foremost is that I want to finish a race strong, not just finish it. I WILL be ready for this race, which is different than the 2 sprint tri's and 10 miler that I ran before. The question is will I be ready enough to finish it in 2 hours? This may be an unreasonable goal?

But it's my goal anyway! And I am going to try my damnedest!

3) Another comment about training.
It is going awesome! After a couple of months with only 3 mile runs (or else I paid for it with pain, the wrong kind), I am frequently running 4-8 miles that includes hills, tempo, and aerobic and anaerobic intervals. I have also had long runs up to 10 miles. This is a big deal. My TC10 run was luck despite the poor timing.

RNR should be more about hard work and feeling strong throughout the whole race.

But I have to come out of the closet about something. A big help in increasing my strength and flexibility has been Better Belly Yoga. I can't even say that it is my wife's DVD.

I purchased it!

And while expressing my undying, loyal love for my wife (Angela), Desiree may be a hero to me if my legs continue to run without injury! Angela even states that Desiree shows quite the cleavage when she bends over, but I haven't noticed anything like that. After all, I am working too hard to complete the stretches and poses to notice anything like that!

But seriously, it is working wonders on my core strength. I tried doing core stretches and exercises, but there is something about having a video or other people that you have to keep up with. I am looking into classes at my Lifetime, but the schedule hasn't been working out well so far.

3) Have all of you met Jessica at Due North? Now, Jessica does not need me to be plugging her blog, She can take care of herself. However, I know that some of you that visit here, haven't seen her. She is a St. Paulie Triathlete and runner that has posted a tentative 08 schedule and is interested in meeting other local triathletes and runners.

Wait a minute, this sounds like a singles ad. She is married, has a young adorable boy and wants to meet people in a nice, rated PG, non-anything you may be thinking social setting. I, for one, hope I am one triathlete that does have the opportunity to meet her soon.

4) I want an indoor trainer (now that I have a bike). Maybe next winter? But I am also kind of tired of wanting things. Better to enjoy and be happy with what I have achieved over that last 6 months and be amazed at how much stronger and faster I will be in another 6 months.

5) A few weeks ago, rural girl wrote on her blog, that she is tired of running. I believe that she came to the conclusion that she is actually sick of goals and plans.
I responded with this;
"....Anyway, I am always asking myself how to be a runner and how to be a triathlete while still having goals. To me, it seems that if I am just doing it for the goals, recognition etc than I am just DOing rather than Being a triathlete and a runner.

It's like being married. I didn't marry my wife just to do a shared bank account, or to just do having children or just do sharing a house payment. I married her to BE with her.

I want to do the same with my kids, my friends, my God, as a runner, as a triathlete and probably many more things."

I then stated to "Just Be It"!

Kind of corny, I know!

But I have been thinking about this! I know that it is not mutually exclusive. You can have goals and still enjoy what you are doing.

But sometimes its so easy to let the goals take over.

Take care,
til next time,



  1. That is so true - there are so many things that I do just for the sake of doing them. And what a perfect time of year to reexamine the things in my life - I should stop wasting time doing things I'm not passionate about so I can actually BE something!! Great post!!

  2. great "random" post!
    I liek being a triathlete, too - and I will look up Due North. There are zilions of other G-rated tri folks out here. Wouldn't have it any other way!
    Where are you stayig in Phoenix???

  3. thanks for the plug :)

    I think that a sub two hour half marathon is an excellent goal. you can do it!