Friday, November 30, 2007

It is done!

(Wow, two posts in the same week!)

One day, I will be good enough (and have enough money) to get a tri-bike.

Today, however, I am so excited to be the owner of this 19#'er. (Thank you end of season sales. I bought this for @1/3 off it's MSRP).

It should improve my performance over my 31#'er.


  1. Ooooh, pretty! I mean...ooooh, MANLY! :) I dig the yellow.

  2. Very nice.. any plans for additions. Aero bars?

  3. I LOVE my Specialized bike - love it! I have a more American soundy Ruby which is a women's specific bike. No matter. Macca rides Specialize. Lieto rides Specialized. WE ride Specialized.

    I just put some clip-on aero bars on mine and that's good enough for now.

    Congrats on your new toy!

  4. WAIT! That's not a Specialized - it's a Fuji. How can that be? Is Roubaix like Sedan or something? I don't get it.

    No matter - it's still a su-weet bike.

  5. Thanks everybody,

    1) Allison: I think in the Triathlon arena, us guys (err, manly men) don't mind hearing pretty associated with our bike.

    2) IronTim: Aero bars! Absolutely. However, I happen to be privy to some information that you may want to take note on. a) Holidays, b) gift cards. 'nuff said.?

    3) 21st: Nope, not a specialized! YET! But I am happy with my Fuji for now!

  6. OOOppps!


    I forgot the :-) after my comment to you.

  7. Congrats!!!!
    I was wondering when you were ever going to post again...

  8. Great bike! I need to pick up some aero bars too but I have no idea what to look for...any ideas?

  9. Very nice! Let us know when you want to take her for a spin- indoors of course

  10. Nothing better then a new shiny ride

    Who Hoo for trainer ridin....oh wait :(