Thursday, October 11, 2007

I must have the fever

and it is contagious.

Thank you for registering for Minnesota - Monster Dash 5k and Monster Half Marathon. This is a confirmation of the following registration(s).

Registration Item(s)
Event Name: Minnesota - Monster Dash 5k and Monster Half Marathon
Activity Name: Half Monster Marathon (13.1 miles) -Chip Timed [10/27/2007]

In addition, although I haven't officially upgraded, it is my plan to race the full marathon in January.

Despite the facts above, I am most excited about my 12 year old son wanting to join me in the Lifetime Fitness Turkey Day 5K. We ran 1.25 miles together Tuesday. The sad thing is that it won't take him long to kick me in the patooey!

Anybody else finishing off the year with another race?

Take Care Everybody.


  1. we are in for both races! I think it's going to be a family affair for the Monster Dash-let's figure out a place to meet

  2. Good for you! I was going to do the half but after the entire Chicago Marathon fiasco I signed up for the Des Moines Marathon this coming weekend. I think I've lost it! Great job on the TC10, you had some tough weather and that's a hilly course but you still did great!

  3. you have no fever....

    You found the cure.

  4. Our family is doing Monster Dash, too! But since I will have Ally and Bobby, I think I am doing the 5k... unless I can get Bob to do it with them. It would be fun to do the half with you, though. Angela, Bob and kids can get us breakfast after they finish!
    We are dressing up... are you guys?
    I love what Tac said...!