Sunday, October 7, 2007

I can't be not happy!

My oldest daughter had an ear infection, my youngest a stuffy nose and sweaty from the heat and my son was just plain bored!
Yet they were there to see me finish! They Rock!

BTW, my son was not bored when he and I visited friends and he saw the atmosphere of the marathon walking miles 26.2 to 24.

I realize my title is a double negative but it works in this case.

One month ago, I would have been horrified with my TC10 finish!

Here are the results! (The placement of overall is not correct? I looked at finishes slower than mine but placed ahead of me???) Whatever, not important! Just weird!

bib number: 15034
age: 40
gender: M
location: Roseville, MN
overall place: 4116 out of 5083
division place: 246 out of 268
gender place: 1780 out of 2015
pace: 11:19
chip time: 1:53:07

The "Bad"-
1) 11:19 pace
2) The reason for the slow pace is lack of training. I had only done 1- 8 mile run prior to this. All other "long" runs were 5 miles or less.

The "Good"-
1) When I was running, I maintained my pace throughout the race. The reason the second half of my race is so slow was that I walked 8 times!!! Ooops, didn't realize that til I looked at the Garmin!
2) I finished the first 5 miles in 48 minutes.

Anybody that has read my blog the past three weeks knows all the junk I've been going through! It was even worse Friday and Saturday! My back hurt to stand or to sit. It wasn't too bad once I was standing and walking but I did constantly know that spasm was there.

The pain wasn't too bad this morning! Regardless, I was very fortunate to be told that I would finish, so I just concentrated on the right stride width, a cadence of 80 and to just relax and relish the fact that I was going to run my first 10 mile run and why I was confident in that fact.

It worked! And you know what? The evidence above demonstrates that while the injury was a hindrance, it was not an excuse! It was the lack of training.

But as I told Tri-Mama and TacMan, back in May, I was wheezing after running 2/10ths of a mile.

So what is there to not be happy about?


  1. Well Done!

    Especially considering your injuries and the heat.

  2. While often times we are not excited about our finish time we can always be thankful we were able to participate. Hope you had fun!! And there is always next year.

  3. You definitely have plenty of reasons to be satisfied with your results. Good job!

    I was looking at the results and noticed that the overall placement is based on clock time but your final time is chip time, so someone may have come in shortly before you but crossed the start line before you did. I hope that makes sense. It seems odd they would report results that way but they did.

  4. You were great! Coming off an injury, tending to sick family, then back out to watch the marathon... what a day!
    Sorry I didn't spend much time cheering with you, but it's just easy to get separated out there.
    Rest up,.. you did great.

  5. You forgot #3 on your "Bad" list - THE HEAT! Holy hotwave, Batman!!

    Way to maintain your pace! I was all over the board, and that little voice in the back of my head keeps asking me if I could have done better if I'd done a better job pacing...

    Great job!!

  6. I LIKE your "I can't not be happy." We were in the Chicago Marathon.. and that's how I feel too.
    Congratulations on finishing!