Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Piriformis, Tibialis and IT bands oh my!

I ran eight miles on Monday. My longest run yet. Problem is my longest run prior to that was 5.5 miles (with stops).
I had to! The TC 10 is only 19 days away. I want to run that distance at least once before the race and I need to take it easy the week before so I really only have about 12 days to get up there. (You see, I am in such a rush, I have to do run on sentences)

I realize that eight miles may be petty for some of you! But I am still amazed at 1) How happy I am to be at this point and 2) How much I want to do better! Both are equally true.

Anywho, as I was walking on the last bit of slowdown, the outer aspect of my left leg just clamped down and froze. What a strange looking walk home that must have been for anybody that looked out their window. I am not sure why it specifically happened. I always have some pain on my run. It usually starts on my shins then I feel like I have kind of a foot drop type pain on my anterior left ankle. But today both of those went away @ mile 4.

Negative thoughts entered my head! "I can't do this", "You're pathetic"! "You ugly red-headed step child" That last one was from the past. Those little suckers sneak in their even though I don't believe them anymore.

In fact I did a good job of kicking all the negative thoughts out! I told myself that this will happen again but at higher distances. Your body is just not use to it. You couldn't run .2 miles just 5 months ago. Deal with it, Tim

I made it home! The stairs were hell but I immediately took some ibuprofen and placed ice packs all over my left leg. And I evaluated. Really it's pretty simple. I have been really good at doing my pre workout stretching but I haven't been too good at my "regeneration" day stretching. In other words I need to stretch on my non run days.

As I suspected, I was able to get around just fine last evening and today I only felt any hint of pain on stairways, especially going down.

I want to do this right!

So I tried three yoga moves. Cow face, Frog legged and Square (page 53 on the October 07 Inside Tri mag). Then I did an arch roll with a tennis ball (which feels as good as err, um, well it feels really good), stretches with a rope like the calf stretch, straight let hamstring, adductor and abductor. Then I proceeded to use a foam roll and tennis ball for deep tissue massage. Man those tennis ball pressure points hurt at first.

Flexibility, that is what I have to work on.

When I was doing those exercises, I was thinking, "What about my mental flexibility?"

What if I wasn't able to run again? Could I handle that? Am I so inflexible that I feel my overall value as a person would be diminished by not running? Of course, I wouldn't think that way about anybody else, but would I be so flexible regarding myself?

What about other aspects in my life?

On Monday, it was easy to get rid of the negative thoughts. I honed in on what is true and what is real. One of my favorite artists to listen to are the Indigo girls. (I know, I know, but I am still all man:-). I think that they have a lot of beliefs that I may not agree with, but they really know how to put some truth into words.

"Darkness has a hunger thats insatiable, and light has a call that's hard to hear". It is so easy to get hung up on the negative that we see! What was probably just a warning to me, my body telling me I needed to do something different, was temporarily viewed by me as much worse.

In this world, we get so much thrown at us! War, crime, finances, family and friends that we care about being sick (one with cancer, one with gestational diabetes and one with heart problems). It's easy to see the world as suffocating us, restricting us, impinging upon our rights to happiness!

But I won't let it! I will listen for the call of the light!

I will be flexible!


  1. I've had so many issues with ITB now, you'd think I was an expert at avoiding it, however..it still happens now and again. Sounds like you know exactly what you're doing though...good luck!!

  2. Go TIM!

    The stretching is key so I'm glad you found some good ones.

    I know what you mean about how we judge ourselves on our ability to finish a race. How absurd, eh? What did we do before we started this stuff - hate on ourselves all the time? NO!

  3. I have to wonder if you are in the right shoe. I know it's personal and everybody is different... which is why we should all be trying lots of different shoes until we find one that offers the support or cushining that we need.
    If I don't do TCM, I will see you on the 10 mile course and run a bit with you, ok?
    You'll do fine. Keep up your stretches, schedule your race days, and remember that it's cool to walk every now and then too.

  4. ha! make that "schedule your REST days"...

  5. Congrats to you for not giving into those demons. Finish lines training are opportunities to eek those demons out - on the other hand - you can utilize those demons as motivators. My first IM was all about that.
    Good luck at your TC 10 mile - I'd be there to chear you on but I'll be in San Diego for a memorial.
    Good luck to you!!! You will do a fabulous job.

  6. I hope your wrong Jenny, but you may be right. After all, I did just get a new show this past month. It's a Brooks Adrenaline and it was recommended to me by a guy at Marathon Sports ( http://www.marathonrunwalk.com/index.html ).

    He recommended them after looking at my foot, my old shoes and watching me walk.

    I'll go back to my old shoes for a couple of weeks including the TC10 and see if things get better again. Then I'll go back and if the problem returns, I'll have the answer.