Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mixed feeling, mixed results

Many mixed feelings lately.

In many ways I am very happy with my progress. 2 months ago, I couldn't run .2 miles without wheezing due to being incredibly short of breath. Sunday, I ran 4.25 miles in about 40 minutes.
Additionally, I feel like I am gaining power with my biking but that hasn't transferred to an increase in speed. (My last 13 mile ride was in 40 minutes, including having to stop at lights etc.)

I really need to get a heart rate monitor. Of course I would love a power meter but who can afford that? Even if I could afford it, it wouldn't make sense to purchase it until I can actually get a bike other than the one above.

Let's not even talk about swimming! I will say one thing though. I am very comfortable in the water so I am confident that it won't be too much of a weakness in the future. It will be a weakness for by two tri's this summer though (along with biking and running being my other weakness ;-)

I have been following many tri websites (like here, here and here) and I am just amazed at how fast and/or strong many of the athletes are. And I wonder if I will ever get there?

Don't get me wrong, it is nothing that gets me down or depressed! Honestly the words for how I feel are humbled and proud. I am proud of the fact that I am following through, learning, improving. I am proud when I talk to people that can't imagine doing the little that I am doing right now. And I don't mean an "I'm better than them" proud, I mean an accomplishment proud. I am proud of the "nice ass" comments I get out on many of my runs (not really, but it amuses me so much I have to mention it).

As I said, I am also so humbled by the others I see and their accomplishments.

I think that this is a good bit of mixed feelings to have. Proud of where you have taken yourself and humbled to know that you can do so much better.

Thank you online community.

I think that I finally figured out that this year, for me, is all base training. Does that make sense to any of you regarding your first season?

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