Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tall, Pale and Handsome

Well, I suppose the handsome is rather subjective (picture of me back in January). But you know what? I spent years being told I was ugly as a kid. Was stupid enough to believe through too much of my 20's, so it doesn't matter whether I am or not, I'm calling myself handsome! (If anybody visits this post, I am not fishing. No comments about my looks, either + or - please)

I'm 6'4" so that is tall enough.

However, I am never (again) going to be dark! It was quite an achievement for me to be dark anyway, and I really haven't been trying for years. Too busy!

Today, I had a mole that has changed removed from my back. 2nd time actually, as the pathologist told my dermatologist to get it all out. It was not melanoma, but it had to come out. I have had this done on my abdomen before, years ago. Too many days on the beach at Virginia Beach, I figured. Now, after 15 years, I have a 2nd one removed. This was different though. He had to remove it so deep that I have internal sutures in addition to the external sutures that need to come out of my back in two weeks.
So, I went to this appointment expecting this easy excision, then drive over to Lake Nokomis for a 15 mile bike ride. You know, takin it easy today!
Doctor states "you need to take it easy today". Already had that planned I said to myself. "I want you to have ice on your back 20 minutes of every hour until your bedtime". Ok, then back to normal tomorrow? "No lifting tomorrow either". Huh! I have a 12 hour shift tomorrow! "Do stuff behind the desk"! I'm an RN on a ICU!!!!
Well Ok, So 4-5 days before I go swimming? "Nope, two weeks!" Two weeks?, I have those waterproof bandages. "Good, then maybe you can swim in 14 days". Hmmm, picked a smart*** for a doctor! I like him.

And as I was leaving "limit your exposure to the sun", he said. I wanted to roll my eyes.

I am going to be smart about this! I will avoid the sun from 11-3 unless its a very special occasion, like a race! And I will use lotion unless its before 10 and after 6ish. I do believe in getting some sun. There are benefits. But I have to be smart about it.

But I'll never be dark again!

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  1. Darn, I was hoping for some major chest baring by the 'wild at heart' guys on Sunday!!