Sunday, May 27, 2007

Short Course (not sprint)

I am freaked out about swimming!

But a little less freaked out after today.

I just can't afford a swimming coach right now. I am saving to attend a weekend training session next year though. So, what I have done is bought a book by Terry Laughlin called "extroadinary swimming for every body: a guide to swimming better than you ever imagined".

I did not do freestyle swimming today but I did a very important exercise called "skating". What is so exciting for me is that I actually got really comfortable balancing myself in the water. I was also even able to breathe (which is quite helpful). I still need to be better at exhaling before I have my mouth out of water. Right now, anytime I blow bubbles, I just feel like I need to inhale right away which screws up my position.

Anyway, I hope everybody is having a wonderful memorial day weekend. I just love down time with the family.

BTW, my title to this post is regarding my first triathlon on July 14th. Actually it is my first endurance race of any kind. Which is why I correct everybody (jokingly) who dares to call it a sprint course. It is a short course, sprint implies sprinting! Like being fast or something. Nope, not this 6'4" 225 pounder!

I have a goal of finishing it in 2 hours and I may not even accomplish that.

Another BTW, when is someone a triathlete? Once I finished my short course triathlon then I can say I have completed a triathlon! I am racing an olympic course in August, will I be a triathlete then? Or maybe when I start my second year?

Not important, just wondering.


  1. What???!!! Your a triathlete the moment you cross the first triathlon finish of any distance!

    Enjoy your Race!

  2. I'll accept that!

    About 7 weeks then! I have to say, as much as I am enjoying it, I just want my first one out of the way.

    I think I'll sign up for the "Run for the Roses" ( in Roseville to get the juices flowin and settle me down a little bit.

  3. Yea, when you cross the finish line the first time-then you are a triathlete. Have you seen this There are no strings to joining the discussion. We just list where we are training and when, gear we have for sale etc. If you want, jump in there, then it would be much easier to find a place to meet. There are a lot of group swim practices, especially at Nokomis for Lifetimers being implemented right now.

  4. Tim, my services as a swim coach still stand, and as for the price, your confidence in your abilities in the water and in your events would be the only compensation I need.