Monday, January 17, 2011

4th Marathon Complete

If I judge this marathon strictly on time, I would have to say it was dissapointing. I thought I could do a 3-3:45 marathon. However, there is much to celebrate about my 3:56:02 marathon. It's my first marathon under 4 hours, it is a 13 minute personal best and I was able to work through some pretty severe hip pain.

I don't ever want to come across as having excuses for not meeting my goals, but I do have many reasons to talk about. Not only that, but I already have a plan on what I'm going to do about them for my next marathon, which is likely to be Mankato in October.

I'm still in Arizona. I absolutely promise more about this next weekend.


  1. I have successfully gotten rid of all my followers by lack of consistent posting. Woo Hoo! ;-)

  2. Hey! Nice work on the marathon PB! I got your note over at my blog, I appreciate your counterpoint , thanks.