Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm a FREAK!

I don't believe that I have ever talked about my feet. Well, here on post 120, I'm finally admitting it.

I'm a freak!

(In addition to that I'm a Brooks traitor and have ethical problems of not buying shoes frequently enough! More on that later!)

My wife, Angela, doesn't think that anyone will be too awfully surprised. I haven't asked her exactly what she means by that???????


Here we go! I have two different feet!!!!

And I don't mean that by left and right, although that's true too.
So here it is! They are different sized! And not just a little but dramatically!
The "Shoe Guy" at the running store said that my feet probably aren't different sized when I'm sitting because then my arch on my left isn't collapsed. As you can see below, that's not so true!
So I wasn't able to (or at least shouldn't) get the neutral shoes that I wanted based on the fact that my left foot "collapses" a little bit. He said that I didn't need much support and would be a mistake to get too much because of my neutral right foot.
 Right foot! Look above and below at the huge differences in my arch in the two feet as well.
 Left foot!

So here is my old pair of Brooks Axiom shoe's! They have over 750 miles on them. That's right 750!!!!
That may be a few miles too many?
 Out with the old
 And here are my new Saucony's! I tried them on and instantly fell in love! (Storge)
 I introduced them! The Brooks is still going to be around for everyday use!

But I didn't stop there! I bought some race shoes too! Look at these beauties!
 Don't they look fast just sitting there? And they are super light! Saucony Fast twitch 4

Look, I don't look like THAT much of a freak!

I always forget that some of you aren't on facebook (do you really exist if your not on facebook?;-)

So I want to say Happy Golden Birthday to my 7 year old daughter. Here she is with her new American Girl Doll, Felicity (and her new dress).
Does Angela know how to bake or does she know how to bake?


  1. Oh my goodness... you're feet are totally different sizes! That's funny! :) Love the race flats! :)

    Happy birthday to your daughter and your wife should open a bakery! :)

  2. Well, I don't think you're a freak!! Cute picture of your little girl:) Yes, Angela knows how to bake!! Yummy...I love chocolate:)

  3. Thanks for the shout out on Steve in a Speedo's comment list. And I might add that you are the first person I have ran into (no pun intended) with two different sized feet. I wore Saucony for years and only changed to Newtons when I could not get my hands on Fast Twitch shoes a few years ago because they were back ordered. I should give them a try again.

    Don't worry, I wore my last pair of Newtons for almost a year before getting new ones last October. I am on month 7 of my second pair and by the time I am finished with them they will have done an Ironman, ran the Goofy Challenge and the Seattle Rock n' Roll marathon and all the training that goes along with the craziness.