Friday, April 23, 2010

Can I run a 6 minute mile?

Can I run a 6 minute mile?

That is what I am going to find out in 20 days!

TC 1 Mile!

I have my doubts. I have been trying to run faster but I have not been training on such a short distance. The 5K and 10K has been my focus since that is a more common distance in triathlons of course.

Based on my training and the McMillan Running Calculator I can expect to run about a 6:38 mile.

Despite these facts, I took a week off of running. Had a bad cold and just felt like I needed it.

We shall see what 2 weeks of training and a couple of days of rest can do!


  1. Hi Tim,
    If everything works out with my work schedule I will see you there!! I registered about one week ago! Cheers for running the Medtronic mile:)

  2. You think you can; you think you can. YOU CAN, YOU CAN! See you at WIBA. (just do it...)

    can I post any more cliche items?

  3. Good luck at the TC 1 Mile. See you at WIBA, if not before.