Saturday, November 14, 2009

I like Off Season!

I took 3 weeks off from running after the Columbus Marathon! This is in addition to the biking and swimming that I haven't done since September 13th!

The first 10 days were easy! After that, I was starting to go a little stir crazy and I wonder if waking up at @ 3 am was partly due to not being active?  I do realize that I could have done other physical activity but it just didn't happen!!!!!!

Anyway, I'm back at it and I have different goals for all 3 disciplines.

Swam twice this week. I am just working on form and muscle memory so I haven't swam more than 500 yards. I am definitely feeling the improvement but the problem is that as soon as I'm a little short of breath my poor form returns and I too easily become short of breath because I lose my form when I take a breathe. This will pay off though and I know I'm close.

In addition to swimming, I am working out with weight to swim specific exercises as well as counter- swim exercises. I have this book called Championship Triathlon Training. No, I won't ever be a Champion but that doesn't mean that I can't train as one. At times anyway. I digress. So I'm doing exercises that help with the swim but also counter the forward shoulder rotation (and thus rotator cuff injury) that can happen due to all the swimming.

Running is all about speed this winter. I can't run fast for any sustained time and I need to change that. So my plan is to run a 6 minute pace for 2 minute intervals and to increase the amount of intervals I can do weekly. In addition, I will be racing short races that I was introduced to by Steve and his blog. These are Charities Challenge races. They are indoors and involve the 200, 400, 800 and 1 mile runs. I can do this since I have most weekends off now! ;-) My initial plan is to attend all 5 indoor events but either way this should help my speed considerably over the next couple of months.

Biking is all about the base. My bike is set up in the basement. It's football season, the netflix que is updated and I'm ready. It is my biking base that actually hurt me this year because of my focus on the swim and run. Having a good base this winter and then not overdoing the running next spring should make a big difference.

Immediate race plans?

Probably Tri-U-Mah
Highly likely Fargo Marathon
New Bri Tri
Buffalo Olympic
Chisago Long Course

and more!


  1. Sounds like you are doing the off season thing right! :)

    The short races sound great - good way to check your fitness too!

  2. Nice to see you at the Turkey Trot, Jumper.

    Did you sign up for Tri U Mah? I'm in and will be basically doing the same races as MNRUNNER, plus Urban Wildland.

    I'm sure we'll see each other somewhere out there.

  3. I'm in for the Chisago Long Course. See you there if not before.

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