Saturday, February 21, 2009


When I look back to my first run less than 2 years ago, I am just amazed at how weak I was! Part of this amazement is that I always considered myself pretty strong.

Who did people go to to help with patient lifting? Me!

Whose 6'4", 230 +/- pound frame discouraged some other guys from getting out of control at a party or bar? Me (luckily people didn't know that this discouragement was undeserving)

Who would start working out with weights and a month later have progressed in pounds and reps more than his friends?

That's right, Me!

It turns out that I had no core! And of course, by core, I'm not talking abs, I'm talking about the why I was too frequently injured playing rugby, why I had shin splints every beginning of the rugby season, why I couldn't jump as well as I should have been able too! Why I had problems with sciatica and other pain.

I was weak!

I still have a lot of work to do and will keep with my running strength exercises twice a week for the rest of this marathon training but, based on my progress so far, I can claim that...

I am strong!

And this strength is really going to show on May 24th in Stillwater!


  1. You are strong...and brave! I Couldn't imagine doing a may marathon.

  2. Total bonus is that marathon training saved my back. For real. I used to have a lot of lower back problems and then all the unintentional core work from putting in those long miles totally strengthened it up...

    Here's to you getting through this cycle of training injury free!

  3. Keep up the forward progress!! And I'll have to see if I can come out to cheer during the Stillwater Marathon!