Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"Oh, that's (not) so cute"

There is a new t-shirt around that I saw at Ironman Wisconsin. It says something to the effect of "You're running a marathon? Oh, that's so cute".

I think it's a funny shirt!

It is a little weird to see an obese Dad and Mom wearing it, but still a cute shirt! (Don't you think the only people that can really wear it are those that have run an Ironman distance race?)

But another thang about that shirt right now, is that a marathon is not looking oh so cute to me.

While in Providence I ran a 20 mile run along the Seekonk River! Well, I ran 16.5 then walked 1.5 than ran about .8 then walked the rest.

It really sucked!

But it was my first 20 mile run, so what should I expect, I guess? My legs as far as movement was fine for the run. In fact I maintained a good 10 minute pace or a little slower but that counted stopping at some lights, etc. The Problem is my core. Prior to the accident I could do 30 push ups in a minute, now I can only do 2 push ups. That six pack I was developing (up from 2 to 4 ;-), gone. 90+ second bridges? Nope, a shaky 30 seconds now! And it was my core that gave out on me during the run. I AM WEAK! And I can't get my strength back by marathon time!

My lack of running (mostly due to that pinched nerve) doesn't help of course.

Last week total (week 1) = 32 miles
Week 2 = 3 miles + 43 mile bike in Wisconsin
Week 3 = 17.2 miles
Week 4 = 21.43
Week 5 = 0
Week 6 = 0
Week 7 = 15
Week 8 = 17.2 (including my 1/2 marathon)
Week 9 = 22.25
Week 10 = 15.58

Has anybody seen a marathon training plan that looks like this?

I am not whining, just facing some facts and figuring out what to do about it.

Possible solutions!

1) No long run taper, I run 20 miles this weekend. See how it goes and then decide on marathon.

2) Don't run marathon. There is a difference between hard work, some normal pain and just being stupid. You had a major injury this year Tim (2 really with the pinched nerve), give yourself a break.

3) Run the marathon. If I only make it 17 miles, so what! Or 20, big deal. Can't go longer than 22, well than I made it up to 22. Next time will be better.

Angela and I at Niagara Falls (Yes, I married up, but you already knew that)!


  1. Hang in there Jumper!

    My training plan looks similar, I had three weeks with zeros due to stress fractures in the foot. I was fortunate to be able to bike though, that put no stress on that part of my foot.

    Let us know how the 20 miler goes!

  2. You know, I say at least try - if you can run walk through 20 miles, I am sure you can do 26. It doesn't sound like you would do permanent damage in trying. Although stupid TCM and that 6 hr time limit...

  3. TOTALLY run the marathon. Don't do a 20 miler this weekend before the marathon either. Maybe a 8-10 miler. Remember 'no miles are good miles' the week of the marathon. Have fun! I'll be there cheering you on!

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  5. I'm with the above. Run the first 16 and walk the last 10 if you need to. I've done it. A couple of times. Once with pneumonia. It's doable, as long as you know when to just slow down. The weather looks to be good too. Don't do a 20 miler this weekend. Do a medium distance, and rest up. See you at the start line, and don't forget to look for the farm animals.