Monday, June 30, 2008

So far, So good!

Well, I get to do Passive Range of Motion now (PROM)! It turns out that if you take my type of clavicle break and my type of scapula break and separate them, the breaks are no big deal.

The problem is that I have both! And one can displace the other while healing.

Which would mean surgery!

But that hasn't happened yet. It is still possible, I take xrays again in 2 weeks, but I have passed the most important time with flying colors.

So, still no lifting or any type of weight/ pressure against my shoulder. And no running until I can do Active Range of Motion (AROM).

The doctor was fine with me doing the LifeFitness bikes at the club as long as i don't lean on my shoulder. He was less excited about the elliptical and my one armed swimming. (look to the right at my workout summary).

So, I guess I won't do that for a little longer. I'm not happy about it though! But I am realistic. Healing with no loss of ROM and with no scar tissue is the top priority. Two weeks of elliptical and swimming is a stupid trade off for not healing properly and possibly needing to have surgery.


  1. sounds like a good time to practice nutrition! Happy healing.

  2. Good to hear you are healing well! I'm truly going to miss you at Chisago-I was looking forward to our training ride. If you are able to water jog, I highly recommend it-you should be able to immobolize your arm and just move your legs. If you and the fam are available, come on over for the 4th! Let me know and I'll send you an invite

  3. Let the healing begin! Take it easy. It sucks to be on a forced me, I know all too well. :)