Saturday, May 24, 2008

I want it all and I want it now!

You know, I really don't get into the whole horoscope thing! Yet, I seem to so be a Gemini! There are literally two me's (spell check says me's is not a word, I'm such a rebel). Sometimes that me that I want to be is also the me I am. Other times, not so much. This morning, I went to the infamous city of Medina to participate in the first MN TriClub Century Ride of the year (but it doesn't have to be a century ride). Anyhow, you heard me talking (well, ok, writing) about my weight loss. I am looking better than I have in years, if not ever. OMG, the bodies that I saw today, just amazing and humbling. If I want to look like that, I have a long way to go.

Then there was the actual ride. It's my own fault but today was only my 5th venture out on the bike this year. So my miles, endurance, speed and power is a little bit on the short side now. Nevertheless I had a good first loop at a comfortable pace with Tri-mama. (Is it possible to be anybody more personable than Trimama? Any conversation is a great conversation with her, even all the unfinished ones we had). Then we had a few more in our group for the second loop, most notably, IronJenny and TacMan! The presence of TacMan pushed me a little harder then I'm use too! Yet, how do I explain this? Have you ever watched nature video's where the lion or tiger caught its prey, but let the prey kind of feel like it had a chance to get loose and escape? Ultimately it was a no win, the prey was going to die! Well, that was kinda like me trying to keep up with TacMan, it would seem, at times, that I could keep up with him. But then, at any moment, if and when he wanted to, he would pull away as if I were riding an undersized tricycle.

Let's not even talk about the incredible bikes and accessories that I saw!

Which brings me back to the song above by Queen.

Sometimes, even if momentarily, my thoughts go to "I want it all". I want the body, I want the bike, the powertap, and I want extreme (for lack of a better word) fitness, the ability to not be lions bait.

But the funny thing is, I don't want it all, or at least not now. Not only that, I'll accept whatever it is that I get. I am enjoying the new people that I am meeting now and in the past year. I am enjoying the new body and fitness I'm creating. I'm enjoying the increase in speed that I am experiencing. I am enjoying my "it's all I can afford right now" bike. I'm enjoying what I am learning and the fact that I have so much more to learn.

If I just had it all, now, the accomplishment and hard work to get wherever I get to, wouldn't exist. And I just can't imagine that.

Summary: @ 44 miles:

Garmin time: Conditions hilly and 15+ mph winds
1st 10: 14.9 mph
2nd 10: 14.8
3rd 10: 15.6
4th 10: 17.9
Last 4: 14.3 My legs ran out the last couple of miles. Can't call it a bonk, I felt fine and my nutrition and hydration was good, just no more legs.

Thanks to everybody that was there to make this really fun.

It may be that part of my legs being tired at the end of the bike was the fact that I ran 9 miles at a avg 8:59 pace just 12 hours earlier. It was a good feeling tempo run. I had just finished working 40 hours in 4 days and couldn't go another day without a workout, so I ran.

Oh, and I also ran my first 14 mile run (and longest since January) about a week ago. It took a whole 2:26 but lsd is what its all about.

Only 2 weeks of school left. It is just amazing how busy May is for us. band concerts, orchestra concerts, piano recitals, baseball, soccer, field trips.

My youngest, just finished preschool, she is so proud to be a big girl now in that she starts kindergarten in 4 page turns (turning the calendar 4 months). I have to take a picture of her with me doing yoga to one of the DVD's I have. She's adorable!


  1. It was good to see you yesterday Jumper!

    Although no pictures means it didnt happen


  2. Wait, that last comment was me not mama.


  3. Love you attitude about being happy with the way things are now. Enjoy what you have and know you are blessed! :) Great job on the bike and runs! Hope things calm down for you soon enough!

  4. Sounds like you had a great time out there! I didn't by chance see you at the St. Thomas track with a running group last week, did I? If not, sorry. I'm going crazy and you have a twin somewhere out there. Oh yeah, and the limestone trails are "out west" - went with a friend near Eden Prarie.

  5. i'm so jealous you got to ride with trimama and jenny!! i love those girls!

    its easy to want it all, i completely get where you're coming from, but i think you've got the right attitude. when we're given it all - we often don't appreciate it as much (look at our kids some days) but when we work for it - well, that's an entirely different, incredible feeling of accomplishment.