Thursday, May 8, 2008

I suppose I should start by saying Hi! I don't know how many days its been since I posted but it seems to be a long time.

It is so hard to train this year. The late spring, a case of the flu and now the end of school year band, orchestra, piano, baseball, soccer, church groups, birthday parties and a few things that I am sure I'm not thinking of now, causes a bit of problem in the time department when it comes to training. Oh, lets not forget 16 hour workdays every once in a while.

It is also so hard to post. I think of you guys quite a bit, at all different times, like while training or just driving down the road. Usually it's something that crosses my mind that would be great to post about but then I sit here in front of the computer and have nothing exciting to say!

Maybe I need some sort of notebook to jot reminders down? Hmmm!

Anyway, I have a 14 mile run that will be my weekly LSD for the month of May! Last Sunday, I only made 12.5, my calves and heels just tightened up too much for being my first long run since the flu. The first 8 miles was in about 75 minutes, lets not talk about the last 4.5 miles. It just shows how important stretching/yoga is for me. It may be important for all of us but for me, its required to function. Below is the map of my 14 miles. It is sweet with very little areas that traffic is a concern. In fact some of it is on gravel at a reserve.

Speaking of yoga! Tara Stiles shows a great shin/calf stretch. It kills but it works. Here's the link.


  1. Where are you doing your long run tomorrow? I have a long run tomorrow, too and there are a couple Gear Westers running at the lakes in Minneapolis - call my cell if you want to run with us. I am looking at 10:30's and can run at least 10 of those miles with you.

  2. Hope you had a good race today. Way to go on the weight loss too! That will help with your training and racing a good deal. We are both doing Chisago Half- I will certainly do a training ride up there with Brian in July-let's connect our schedules. I'm sorry for the delay in trying to do dinner- we 've been flu'd, kid and work/training busy- I'll send you our May schedule