Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Tale of Two Runs

My little 5 year old is back to her normal self! Here is a picture of her at preschool on her 5th B-day earlier this month!
Her personality is just as adorable as she appears. I feel that as her Dad, it's my job just not to ruin her.

But, I am not feeling so hot!

I should have listened to the warning signs. I was cold even bundled up at my son's scrimmage baseball game and I didn't feel better even after a 30 minute nap.

I had a plan and apparently I needed to keep it.

Another warning sign!!!! My HR was up, up, up so soon into my run even though I was only going at @ 9:45 pace. By my 5th mile I had a HR of 172 at only a 10:28 pace. Compare this to my last 10 miler when I had a HR of 174 at a 8:51 pace. My legs felt awful, my butt felt awful, my back felt awful and my stomach felt awful. Several times I wondered if I was going to spew.

I kept going.

I took it slow, but I kept going. Avg pace 10:17 vs 9:35. I kept my avg HR about the same, which is good.

Believe it or not, I have managed to be proud of this run anyway. I ran smart for how I felt but I kept going even though I wanted to quit. You will read that putting miles in just to get the miles in, is not helpful for training and can even be harmful. Getting the miles in is certainly what ended up happening today. And you know what, "they" may be right that physically, my run did not help me today. However, this run was very effective in other ways. Completing 10 miles (actually 12, 2 mile walk/run after the 10 miles) while feeling like this just magnifies what I have suspected lately. That is, 10 miles is a much shorter run for me than it use to be!

Here's a toast to 10 miles.

I get a week off for a long run (next weekend starts the worst part of my 6 week work schedule) then I'm up to 14 mile long runs for all of May!

Now to recover, so that I can work on fartleks and other speed workouts the next 2 weeks (and get on the bike for crying out loud). Warm weather, where are you!!!!!


  1. I love how our brains don't process the "I'm sick, I probably shouldn't run 10 miles" thought :-) I find running brings the cold out so that I can get over it sooner...

    And I am going to say that at least you didn't go swimming! I am going to confess to being completely grossed out when someone writes about going for a swim when they have a cold - I know there is chlorine, but chlorine doesn't zap things instantaneously and some of that germy water is going to end up in my mouth!

  2. Looks like about 60 degrees right now.. hoping wellness is with you.
    Ice is still not out on our nearest lake.. but hey, at least the ice is melted off the shoulders of the roads?! Here's to a good week.

  3. Also ran 10 miles on Saturday, can certainly relate to the feeling that 10 used to seem a long way.

  4. Your daughter is adorable. I've added your blog to mine so I'll keep checking in. I'm anxious to hear how your journey goes as well! Take care!

  5. Your daughter is such a cutie!

    And here's a *High Five* for the 10-miler