Thursday, April 17, 2008

I deserve this!

"I deserve this" is probably one of my least favorite statements. Sounds kinda weird huh? It even sounds kind of un-American! Or at least with our current culture.

But it leads to so much trouble!

It leads to eating what you shouldn't (or don't want to) eat!
It leads to more debt!
It leads to _________(fill in the blank)

But most importantly it leads to emptiness!

This doesn't necessarily mean that we don't deserve things or can't have it at all. I enjoy a beer or two, a candy bar, etc. It's just that the "I deserve this" attitude is unfulfilling. That Ben & Jerry's or Almond Snickers (new purchase, alcohol or cigarette for some) may feel really good at the time, but when it's consumed out of rationalization of deserving it, there is only regret, emptiness and helplessness. In fact, I have felt better about myself after resisting a temptation to buy something "I deserve" rather than the short term elation of buying or consuming whatever it was I desired. Haven't we all felt this?

The only real lasting fulfillment in this world is loving others as a description of feeling as well as in action.

That is something we all deserve!


  1. dude, checked out some of your training posts, and those great paces you've been running.

    you definitely deserve something!

    keep at it. you are doing great.

  2. I earnt this is better than I deserve this.

  3. Excellent differentiation Tim! Earned is a lot better and different than deserve.

    Thanks Bold