Saturday, March 8, 2008

I'm a loser..., a big loser (but not the biggest)!

Man, has my schedule been crazy! Today was finally a day of relaxation (with a little training mixed in) and I hope to complete this post as well as contact (reply to ;-{) some people that I am long overdue about. I have been so busy that I haven't even listened to the latest Tac n Bigun podcast that has been out for 4 whole days.

Now that I think of it, I think I was tagged recently too. Hmmm, that will be the next post (when i remember or find who actually tagged me.

First, I must provide full disclosure.

When I say that I've been really busy, I am including fun. Last Friday night, I watched some high school hockey. Wow, Hill Murray versus White Bear Lake was one heck of a game to watch (actually it was one hell of a game but I don't swear).

Then the next night I saw U2 3D on a huge imax screen. That was amazing. Here's a rare political comment by me; I don't care what you think about Iraq, etc., but any person has to love the idea of no war. Of people of different faiths, ethnicities, differences living in peace. And you have to love the genius of his One and Red Campaign. Hey, I have some problem with his push for Governments to contribute money to Africa. Not because of the tax money, more than proud for us to be generous with our extreme wealth in our society (if your reading this, your are in the top 5% of wealthy people in this world). My problem is that I feel we should be giving money directly to organizations that help people with water, food, starting business, etc., rather than to corrupt governments. Fortunately that is what Bono's campaigns also does. My favorite is Opportunity International. Check it out when you have a chance and if you like U2, see the movie concert. They play a lot of their old songs.

Let's see, I've also been to a couple of Wild games, science fairs, parent/teacher conferences and my lovely wife has been out of the house teaching people how to shop and cook a gluten free/ casein free diet.

Let's not even talk about work! I love it, but it is simply high stress most of the time!

Training is going well! After watching some bloggers/athletes I respect use, I decided to give it a try today. So I'll show and talk about training more. I still lose my breath too easily while swimming but it's getting better. One huge difference that I like is that I can lose my stroke because of needing to take a couple of breaths and recover easily. Before, I just had to stop, rest, be frustrated and start over. I'm base training with the running, I am quite confident that I'll finish my 5K in May in less than 24 minutes. Not much biking yet. Unfortunately my work schedule doesn't often match spinning classes at the lbs. I finally bought a used trainer for my bike but I don't get it for about 2 more weeks. Hopefully, the snow is melted by then anyway. Of course, I say that and its snowing NOW.

Oh, I'm running the Grandma's 1/2 marathon. It's the only kind of lottery that I'll ever win.

Speaking of Marathon's this is the one I'd like to do in either 2009 or 2010. Anybody else interested?

Paleo diet is going well too. I probably fall off the wagon a little too much, nevertheless, it's working. I am recovering from training more quickly and haven't had a nasal cold since PF Chang.

One more thing.

For any of you that has been reading my blog, you know that I have started this all from scratch back in May. You may also remember that last summer I weighed in at 235- 238. During the fall, I flirted with 220 but was pretty much around 224 until the Holidays and January that I hit and stayed at 220 and 221.

I'm 209 now.

Which makes me a big loser. 25 pounds and counting. A BMI of 29 to 25.6. Studly to even more studly! ;-)


  1. HA! We have our own computers. I just apparently have too much free time, and she's too busy...

  2. Oh wow! That is awesome. Great job on the weight loss. That is not an easy thing to do!

  3. Way to go Jumper!
    I would consider St. Georges - in '10....:-)