Saturday, January 26, 2008

Paleo Man

Ok, first things first! (Paleo Man later)

I have to reveal a guy secret! There may be a lot of denial but guys care about how they look! It's different than many women. Some women (not all) can't stand to have hair messed up, or to look sweaty, etc., etc. BTW, your wrong about that, sweaty and messed up hair is sexy!

Guys, don't deny it. I am an RN, therefore I work with many, many wives. I know what you say, what you do, and other things that they just don't get. So they ask me. Few men are privy to the information that I hear. That's a lot of power in my hands.

Guys care about how they looks! At least to a point. See, I am accepting of my looks, No problem. If you think I'm not so attractive, I can handle it. If you think I am attractive, I love you.

But once in a while it just seems that a picture really misrepresents you. I am so not photogenic which makes me more "at risk" for this misrepresentation.

A great guy, Tri-Dummy, posted this picture of me!

So I ask my lovely wife, "Do I look like this?" "No", she said (I told you she was lovely). You looked great in that picture with Jenny and Erin at the airport! (even though zach caught me about to talk)
"Figures she says, you look great when you are around pretty women!" Although that does help, this would mean I almost always look great in pictures because they are often with Angela!
Plus, even the first picture has 4 attractive women in it! See!
It appears that I may be a tad bit taller than my endurance cohorts

So, there are a few options here
  1. Tri-dummy finally learned how to crop photos... at my expense? (addendum, a closer look indicates that they are two different photos after all therefore, option #4 is my leading theory because the attractive women were still close by. This still might be a cropped photo though?)
  2. Nobody looks good in a cropped photo?
  3. This is proof of the effect my sinus infection had on me that weekend?
  4. or Tri-dummy has some sort of distortion field that negates how I look in pictures around attractive women?
Hmmm, something tells me that Tri-dummy isn't going to investigate this one.

BTW, Tri-dummy, I thought it would be fun to drive to a local race of yours this summer (its only about a 10 hour drive). The only one that seems to work for my schedule is your August 3rd race. Any other Midwesterners think this would be a fun change of venue? If it doesn't work, I'm going to make it a priority of 09.

I was really close to signing up for the St. Paul Winter Carnival 1/2 marathon this morning. But I slept in instead. I decided to stick to my plan of a 3 week break and then building up a better, deeper base.

Yesterday, I received a book that I have been interested in for a while. It's called "The Paleo Diet for Athletes" by Loren Cordain and Joe Friel.

I'll let you know how it goes! I have a lot to learn but I wonder if these pictures represent the diet at all?

Going to Steve Stenzel's house tonight for a party.

I heard he's having snot-rocket clinics and body shaving demonstrations?


  1. You get to go to Steve's for a party?? cool..BTW your photo looks fine to moi..:-)

  2. I have only one vanity shot suggestion to make... SMILE, DUDE!

    Tell Pharmie and Steve I said hi and have a great time!!

  3. Have fun at Steve's!!

    PS - I have that same "Heroes like you give blood" shirt. Did you get yours in 1999, too? :)