Thursday, January 17, 2008

Grand Canyon and more

Hey everybody,

Here's just a few catch up photos. There will be more.

Angela and the kids at the Grand Canyon

A Joshua tree decorated for Christmas!
Natural Arch at Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada
The Kids at Valley of Fire State Park next to an opening illuminated by the sun.
Lake Mead. What an interesting place. Nothing but rock and a little scrub but then all that water because of the Hoover Dam. Did you know it took 6 years for Lake Mead to fill up?
It's hard to get a good picture of Hoover Dam so here is a pic of us inside the Dam during the Dam Tour (as they called it)

On the subject of endurance, I need to learn and work more on nutrition. I had no nutrition plan which is a part of the problem I had last Sunday. Not that I am not more than happy with how I did. Just trying to figure things out.

Regarding my last post. Just so it's clear, I am more than over my childhood. I do not have issues with self image or thinking i'm no good at anything, etc. It's just that I realized that I have never taken further steps to not only change from having negative thoughts about myself but to actually be proud of who I am, what I do, etc. All these years, I have been in this "in between" place of non-negativity but not taking that extra step to being proud. This past year has forced a change in that. I just have to stop being dismissive of what I accomplish. "It's only 13.1, others run 26.2", "I did it but I should have done it faster, etc"

See, when others do it, I am proud of them. Not so much me.

I'll work on it.

After all, it's not what you do with your life. It's what you do with what you got! (poor english on purpose)


  1. when you drove up the canyon, did you pass all those joshua trees along the way? aren't they cool - reminds me of something out of a dr. seuss book!

    nutrition is a necessary discipline in training. you now see why you need to have a plan and you'll have one next time. we learn from each and every training run and race that we do - that's what keeps it fun and interesting!

  2. Love the pics. Your family is adorable.

  3. I am dying to take my kids to the Grand Canyon. I am like a kid in a candyshop in places like that. Just more *higher power* than I can hardly take. I always get very introspective on trips like that. Probably why I chose to go to Colorado to the mountains after my youngest died. Something about being that close to such grand landmarks that only nature can produce almost gives me a kind of *godly* feeling.

    I've always been good at congratulating others, too, but not nearly enough on myself. I suppose it's something we learn. :/