Saturday, July 14, 2007

Help, attitude adjustment needed!

Sunday morning addendum:
I am much more relaxed this morning as well as committed to racing better. There are many factors that had an effect on this race and it being my first race is a big one. I have taken to heart the advice by others that my only goal should be to finish. Regardless, I did finish in under my 2hour goal, and I did learn what I need to work on. Obviously swimming but I need more running strength and speed. It is time to introduce intervals in my workout.
Thanks for your support everybody.

I'll do my full first race report later in the week. (I leave in the AM for Boy Scout Camp w/ my son)

First, the good news! I did a personal best! ;-)

The Bad news is that I'm letting the fact that I finished 82 out of 92 in my age group bother me. Here I should just be happy I finished and yet it kinda bothers me. I wanted to finish in 40th-50th place.

I'll get over it. It bothers me more that I'm a moron than the fact that I finished 82nd.

I need to improve the swim. And I just don't have legs for the run after the bike yet.

More later!

Bib #: 2700

Race Category: Short Course Age Group - Men 40 to 44
Triathlon Results - Short Course
Finish Time: 1:51:16.2
Category Place: 82 out of 92 Men 40 to 44 finishers
Overall Place: 775 out of 1134 Short Course finishers
Gender Overall Plc: 462 out of 574 Male finishers

Swim .4 mile
Time: 20:32.4
Pace: 3:11 /100m
Category Place: 86
Overall Place: 1003
Gender Overall Plc: 510

Transition #1
Time: 4:29.6
Category Place: 71
Overall Place: 848
Gender Overall Plc: 446

Bike 15 miles
Time: 52:49.1
Pace: 17.0MPH
Category Place: 72
Overall Place: 549
Gender Overall Plc: 398

Transition #2
Time: 2:16.0
Category Place: 54
Overall Place: 567
Gender Overall Plc: 324

Run 3 mile
Time: 31:08.9
Pace: 10:23/M
Category Place: 82
Overall Place: 814
Gender Overall Plc: 471


  1. Tim, I think one of the hardest things that God expects, and wants us to do in life is accept that there are limitations. We are not born perfect in anything, and even with trial and error we'll never achieve perfection on earth. We can only show up every day and give the best that we have. If you can honestly say that you did that, then this first Triathlon was more successful than you are willing to acknowledge.

    Just the fact that you finished, that you came in under your goal time and that you understand what areas you need to work on means you are at least looking at it with the right mind set. Now look at your accomplishment through God's eyes, and see how thrilled He is that you took a chance, made a goal and followed through.

  2. You did AWESOME! I'm excited for you!

    You know, I don't think you should look at your age group yet. It would be great if they had a category for first time triathloners. Then I think the comparison (if you feel you absolutely need to make one) would be more appropriate. Seriously, I wonder how many men in your age group have been doing these tris several times.

    Congrats to you. I'm sure it was fun!